Faulu Productions

“Bringing Help to the Needy, Voice for the Voiceless, Developing Communities”.

Let Us Achieve Change Together

“Bringing Help to the Needy, Voice for the Voiceless, Developing Communities”


To promote youth talents, create a safe, sustainable living that enables social change, and education for marginalized communities ; Empowerment to vulnerable.


FAULU PRODUCTIONS dreams of 21st century where everyone can influence decisions in the society that contribute for positive social change.

About Us

FAULU PRODUCTIONS is a non-profit community-based organization working to strengthen livelihoods of local residents through education, agriculture, Skills for Life, and other community projects...

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Development Objectives
Establish community based institutions for sustainable community development by providing free formal education and skills for life etc.
To Ensure community involvement and ownership by participating to their development projects.
Environment Conservation
Community Empowerment
Our Causes
Current Programs


The program intends to provide free Early Childhood Education (ECDE) to preschoolers with age range from 4, 5, and 6 with a back up of non-formal curriculum on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) that strengthen children learning participation and improve their performance...

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In collaboration with LOKADO we have been working on the protection of the environment, and encourage the community to be self-sustaining through permaculture, fighting deforestation and engage in mass trees planting into this semi-desert region as a way for better future...

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Community Empowerment

To develop and enhance the social, economic well-being of the vulnerable youths, women and girls of Kakuma refugee camp through provision of micro-credit and skills for life training that provide economic reliance among the local residents...

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Agriculture/ Permaculture

This program seeks to facilitate agriculture and food security programs in this region that experience extreme famine and drought and rely most on food importation from thousands miles...

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What People Say

” I volunteered at Faulu between June and August of 2019.Living in Kakuma was very hard because of the extreme hot weather and lack of good hygiene , but Lyama and his team made a great effort to make me feel comfortable with my job.They named me “Field coordinator” of the six programs they have and I realised the big work they do for the refugees in the place.Many people owe alot to Faulu because they helped them to have a second chance in life,after leaving their home towns ,sometimes for ever.If you have a big heart and like to experience a challenging place, but with very nice people,choose Faulu.Thank you Lyama, Ismael and team .Good luck:) ”

Abel Lisnovsky Volunteer
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