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The program intends to provide free Early Childhood Education (ECDE) to preschoolers with age range from 4, 5, and 6 with a back up of non-formal curriculum on Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) that strengthen children learning participation and improve their performance.

This program has been running for the last four years and admit 120 learners for ECDE every year while for the SEL we do have a target of 200 children. In addition to that is the “CREATIVE WRITING” project that involve children and adolescent learners from 6 to 16 years old with a purpose of enhancing their artistic skills and prepare them for their future career.

The program is supported by Tree for All (Australia), and Cohere (Kenya) and implemented at Tahirih Preschool at FAULU PROUCTIONS center in Kakuma.


In collaboration with LOKADO we have been working on the protection of the environment, and encourage the community to be self-sustaining through permaculture, fighting deforestation and engage in mass trees planting into this semi-desert region as a way for better future. So far we have been successful into planting more than twenty thousands trees in Turkana West Sub-county.

Under the same program we also partner with BEACH COLLECTIVE to fight plastic pollution by conducting a weekly clean up in Kakuma refugee with around thirty women that enable us to collect half a tonne every week. Later, the collected plastic waste is transferred to Nairobi through another collaborating company pioneering in the environment sector known as Mr. Green Africa which recycles the waste for other use.

Our partnership with the BEACH COLLECTIVE does not only limit to the fight against plastic pollution but we also do other activities that range from mangroves planting to the permaculture and setting up a shop through the fund we altogether secured from KOREA SHE FOUNDATION that will enable local population around kakuma to get motivated for any environmental activity they take part through beach token that is an innovative deFee.

Agriculture/ permaculture

This program seeks to facilitate agriculture and food security programs in this region that experience extreme famine and drought and rely most on food importation from thousands of miles. Thus, we promote economic growth (Agribusiness, food forest, and Ecosystem) by offering training on farming and gardening to the local residents (host and refugee community) with much focus on permaculture farming style. We mobilize the necessary resources on behalf of farmers and gardeners for agribusiness start-up activities. We run this project in the Sub-county of Turkana West through guidance and support from Permaculture for Sustainable Communities of Australia.

In addition to the agribusiness we also enhance the local community fruits planting to promote local productions In the Sub-county of Turkana West.

Finally, through partnership between us and Swisscontact we offer Poultry keeping skills to youths as an alternative means for local livelihoods improvement.

Community Empowerment

To develop and enhance the social, economic well-being of the vulnerable youths, women and girls of Kakuma refugee camp through provision of micro-credit and skills for life training that provide economic reliance among the local residents.

To integrate the youth of the host and refugee communities in development initiatives to avoid sexually transmitted diseases and drug abuse, and to live a full wholesome life. Fighting early and forced marriage and other harmful cultural dogmas and help them achieve their goals through talents like music, sports etc.

It’s through the partnership between FAULU PRODUCTIONS and Swisscontact that enable us to deliver the SKILLS FOR LIFE project on their behalf in Kakuma refugee camp with two hundreds beneficiaries able to join the trade of their choice that takes approximately three months to complete. Some of the trades offered include Fashion Design, Poultry Keeping, Screen Printing, Welding, Catering, Bakery, Motorcycle Repair, Bead-making, etc. To add on that is the soft skills like Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH), Gender Based Violence, Life Skills, Literacy and Numeracy, Entrepreneurship offered purposely to enable them cope up to the daily business affairs.